ESSACO Global Consultants are upcoming global leaders with rich experiences from a broad range of industries and are passionate about partnering with clients to produce innovative and customized solutions. 
We deliver your peace of mind and happiness!

Business Consulting
e employ knowledge management and other cutting edge strategies to conduct business consulting services to improve and sustain your organization’s financial gains. The scope of our services depends on the uniqueness of your organization, kind of issues and improvement opportunities available. This may include the need for increased financial performance, sustained growth, improved customer service, employee performance improvement, and their combination thereof. 

We exceed your need for solving problems by empowering you to anticipate and prepare for the future.
We focus our business consulting on the following key areas:

Strategy Formulation and Implementation
We partner with you in formulating and implementing strategies from casting to updating your vision through feedback gained after measuring performance results.

Organizational change

We assist you to conceptualize, plan, and implement enterprise-wide organizational transformation and change management
initiatives, speedily. This may include assessing and improving organizational structures, culture, and other dynamics to enable your organization learn and grow in its ability to be increasingly agile and adaptive.

Business Process Improvement

Continually assessing and recommending improvements to the different tactics, systems, and processes towards your organization’s improved performances. 

International Project Development and Fund Raising
Our passion is to support development in developing nations. We assist with project conception, strategic planning and employ fund raising strategies to enable project execution and completions. Although we are not funders, we identify different investors and funds suitable for our clients' interest.

 Expected Outcomes:

  • Increased Confidence in Strategy Formulation and Execution process
  • Sustained increase in Productivity, Revenue, and Profit
  • Culture Change
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Project Completion

Information Technology Consulting

ESSACO Global Consultants understand and focus on the need for organizations to implement winning strategies that integrates and aligns people, processes, and technology for optimal organizational performance. 

In delivering your happiness, we deliver more than tools! 

What we do.

We’re a consulting firm interested assisting you in leveraging knowledge for organizational success.  Therefore, unlike your typical IT consulting firms, whose goals are simply to sell hardware and software, we partner with you to formulate and implement short and long-term knowledge management strategies that leverage people, processes, and technology, holistically, to foster innovation and drive increased performances. Our ability to provide holistic services, which are well balanced and practical, makes us unique.

Our IT Services include:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Assessment
  • Process Improvement
  • Infrastructure and Application Strategies
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Vendor Management
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Training


We use a combined knowledge management and business strategy driven approach to formulate holistic solutions to enable continual learning and increased performances, in your firm. We will guide you in applying best practices in conducting knowledge assessments, strengthening and leveraging the strategic relationships between people, processes, and technology, at all levels of your organization. In addition, we focus on aligning your goals by taking into account these relational dynamics, without compromising the unique needs, of each aspect of your firm.  Therefore, we determine the kind of technology tools to be used to meet your needs, after a detailed assessment of your firm’s resources and capabilities, to ensure they are supportive in realizing the different action plans. 

Essaco Global will partner with you in order to speedily identify the root causes to the different issues, build an actionable strategy using the plan, do, study, and act model (PDSA), to help you implement and review solutions.  Hence, your firm will leverage new knowledge across organizational levels and maintain a continuous improvement culture where learning and execution are skillfully managed. 


Expected Outcomes?

Rapid growth in your revenue and profits by a customized and long-term strategic growth plan leveraging your revenue and profit drivers and capacity to produce and share new knowledge.

  • Successful and Disciplined Strategy Formulation and Execution Processes
  • Increased Productivity by Applying Best Practices including continuous improvement and benchmarking
  • Improved Firm Culture where established knowledge sharing strategies including continual feedback are used in support of a clearly defined company vision, mission, roles, and responsibilities 
  • Sustained Results through your team's participation with the development and buy-in of the solutions
  • Significant improvement in Company Reputation and Brands through on-time and on-budget product delivery with clients and prospects.
  • Improved Quality in Decision Making at all Levels by providing across all organizational levels the culture and tools to enable decision makers focus on key issues.

We partner with individual schools, districts, and states with the goal of helping to continually improve performance across all levels of the school, particularly in the classroom. To this end, we provide customized strategic planning and knowledge management solutions across all levels of the school district. Also, we provide professional development and coaching services to improve teacher effectiveness and student performance. Our consultants help schools achieve their goals through strategic planning, coaching, technology-integration and school culture professional development.

We provide customized one-on-one and small groups services with school administrators, principals, and teachers helping them learn and apply skills within their unique school environment, which is in their offices and/or classrooms. Our consultants and coaches assess their strategic needs and tools that are available to both educators and administrators at all levels of the school district. Afterwards, we use a shared approach, with them, to formulate and implement strategies including maximizing the use of their tools for improved performances in their designated areas of work. We help educators formulate and apply strategies to build better minds and achieve better results in the classroom.  We follow up with our services for feedback and find opportunities to continually improve the schools' tactics and strategies, while we improve on the quality of our services. Our group activities are designed to be fun, engaging, and productive.

Expected Outcomes?

  • Rapid Growth in Student Academic and Teacher Performances through the use of a Short and Long-term Strategic Growth Plans that leverages Knowledge and other capabilities, and measured by the use of longitudinal data.
  • Increased use of Best Practices including Continuous Improvement, Benchmarking, and Data-based Decision Making across all School (district) levels and using longitudinal data to measure performances.
  • Successful andDisciplined Strategy Formulation and Execution Processes
  • Improved School Culture where established knowledge sharing strategies including collegiality and continual feedback are used in support of a clearly defined school (i.e. student, teachers, administrators) goals, roles, and responsibilities 

Our Management Services

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